We often come across some forklift models similar to CPQ20, FBR30, etc., are they unintelligible and don’t know what they mean. Jerei Okayparts is here to explain it to you today.
In China, there are two popular ways of indicating forklift models in the forklift market.

1. Generic forklift model expression method

The generic forklift model expression method in China is according to forklift power type, lifting mass, transmission form and structure form. The rules of model preparation are as follows:

forklift model

Since each manufacturer’s label is different, we’ll start at the back of it.

  • Forklift code: unified with “C“, it means forklift.
  • Structure type code: It means the type of forklift, “P” means counterbalanced type, “C” means this side fork type, “Q” means forward type, “X” indicates container forklift, “B” indicates low lift height leg type, “T” indicates leg type, “Z” indicates straddle leg type, “K ” for Universal Trans Truck, “KX” means container straddle truck, “KM” means gantry straddle truck.
  • Power type code: “Q” for gasoline engine, “C” for diesel engine, “Y” for LPG engine, and “D” for battery.
  • Transmission type code: Mechanical transmission is not marked with a letter, hydraulic transmission is marked with the letter “D
  • Main parameter code: expressed as forklift rated lifting mass (ton) multiplied by 10.
  • Improvement code: indicated in alphabetical order.

For examples:

1)CPQ10B indicates counterbalanced forklift truck, with gasoline engine as power source, mechanical transmission, rated lifting mass of 1 ton, the second improvement of the same class forklift truck.

2)CPCD160A indicates counterbalanced forklift truck, with diesel engine as power source and hydraulic transmission, rated lifting mass of 16 tons, the first improvement of the same class of forklift trucks.

3)CCCD100 indicates side-fork forklift truck, diesel engine as power source, hydro-hydraulic transmission, rated lifting mass of 10 tons, basic type.

2. Internationally common forklift model expression.

  • FB30 means three tons electric forklift truck, F is the initial letter of “forklift”, B is the initial letter of “battery”,
  • FD30 means three-ton diesel forklift, D is the initial letter of “diesel”,
    FG30 indicates three-ton gasoline forklift truck, G is the initial letter of “gasoline”.
  • FBR30 indicates three-ton reach truck, R is the initial letter of “reach” in forward movement.
  • FBRE30 stands for three tons of pedestal forklift, the last E is for pedestal.
  • FBT30 means three-ton three-point electric forklift truck, T is the initial letter of “tri-point support” in English.

Sometimes you will also see this kind, FG30NT, the N after it means local production, T means automatic, and the D means manual. to FD30S, the S at the back means the car is a classic version, special, such as Toyota forklift 7FBRE15, the 7 in front means the seventh generation forklift, or Toyoda 7 series. Toyota forklift 7FBRE15, and the 7 in front indicates the 7th generation forklift, or Toyota 7 series.