Engine diesel pump for forklift Xinchai A490BPG C490BPG 4QT72ZH-1

Fuel injection pump/Engine diesel pump

for Xinchai A490BPG C490BPG

Xinchai original parts


Engine diesel pump for forklifts

engine diesel pump

Part number: 490B-21001


Order number:4QT72Z-1 4QT72ZH-1

for A490BPG C490BPG

Place of Origin: China

Brand: Xinchai

Delivery time: for 1 to 3 days

Applicable: HELI  HANGCHA Dalian Tailift XCMA Liugong and so on, CPC(D)25-35

For more about Xinchai 490BPG A490BPG C490BPG engine parts, please check the parts manual


Zhejiang Xinchai diesel engine company is one of the famous Chinese engine manufacturers, their main business is for forklift diesel engine, then are wheel loader diesel engine, tractor engine, diesel generator diesel engine, excavator diesel engine and truck diesel engine and so on.

Up to now, xinchai is the largest supplier of diesel forklift trucks, and has the largest quantity in Chinese market. No matter what brand of diesel forklift is it (Chinese brands), we always can see a xinchai engine was equipped on it, no matter they are HELI HC LIUGONG TAILIFT XGMA and so on famous manufacturers, or unknown manufacturers, we always can find it on a lot of forklifts.

So what are the models of engine does it make, please check the following:

NB485BPG, NC485BPG, 4N23G31, NC485BZL

490BPG, A490BPG, A490BZL C490BPG, C490BD, C490BZT, C490BT, C490B, B490BPG, 4D27G31, 4D27T31 ,4D27ZG31

495BPG, A495BPG, A495BT, A495BZL, 4D30G31

498BPG, A498BPG, A498BT, A498BT1, A498BZT, A498BZG, A498BZ, A498BZG, 4D35G, 4D32XG30, 4D32G31, 4D32YG30, 4D32ZG31, 4D32RT30

4D35ZG31, 4D35ZT31,A4K39, 4K41, A4K41, A4K43, A4K43T

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