Forklift parts LED lights LED lamps 12V 24V 4 inches

LED Lights


Hot sale forklift LED lights 12V 24V 4 inches


LED light for forklifts

Two styles for choicing, Circle and square

High brightness 4 inches LED working lights

Suitable for DC 12V to 60V, automatic voltage conversion

Three sizes are available
LED light for forklifts 12v
LED light for forklifts 24v
forklift led lamp

Super waterproof performance-forklift LED lights

The interior of the product is coated with industrial waterproof sealant, with excellent waterproof performance.

The thickness of bracket is 2mm, width 40mm,screws are 12mm and 8mm.

forklift working led light 12
working led lights for forklifts

More suitable for forklifts


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