Hydraulic gear pump CBHV-F20 CBHV-F23 CBHV-F16 CBHV-F18

Hydraulic pump

Application: Forklifts, tractors, loaders, excavators


CBHV series hydraulic gear pump
A490BPG piston size

Part number: CBHV-F20-A1L1Φ10

CBHV-F23-A1L1Φ10 , CBHV-F32-AL2Φ10L

CBHV-F16-A1T1Φ10 , CBHV-F32-AL2Φ13L

CBHV-F18-A1T1Φ10 , CBHV-F16-AT2Φ11

CBHV-F15-A1T1Φ10 , CBHV-F16-A1T1H1

CBHV-F18-A2T1Φ10 , CBHV-G18-A3L4Φ

CBHV-F25-A2T1Φ10 , CBHV-F20-A1T1Φ10

CBHV-F18-AT , CBHV-F28.2-AL2Φ10


Xinchai A490BPG piston cylinder kit packing

Our customers 

Our main products include five categories: hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic system and control, which covering three aspects of power, control and execution of the hydraulic system. With more than 200 series, 4,500 specifications products and strong comprehensive supply and service capabilities, we are one of the few enterprises that has complete R&D and production capacity of hydraulic system components in China. These products are widely used in construction machinery, forklifts, modern agricultural machinery, special vehicles, agricultural machinery, and non-mobile areas, etc.


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