The semi-automatic production line by the former process (first step) after ontology machine and process automation (including sealing side machine/welding bridge of the nose of machine/welding machine ears) set of lines, first of all, by the operator will expect the first working procedure on shipping/location of automation machine piece of ontology, through ontology machine finish after the piece, again by operator receiving station and transfer, points that the sealing side, through the manual sealing side machine complete sealing side, again by operators material-collecting, shunt to the welding of bridge of the nose bar location, through the manual welding machine to complete the bridge of the nose of the welding bridge of the nose, and then by the operators material-collecting, shunt to weld ear with location,And through manual operation of the lug belt welding machine to complete the lug belt spot welding, and finally by the operator to collect, tidy up and transferred to the next procedure for operation.

Technical Parameters

Capacity70-90 PCS/Min
Air Supply0.6MP


1.Customized different shape face mask as customer’s design and requests.

2.PLC controlled.Ensure to feed raw material uniform

3.Computer control, stable performance

4.Intelligent fault detection, simple and easy to operate

5.Nice appearance,long service life