Mitsubishi forklift FD30 parts brake drum assy brake shoe assy

Mitsubishi forklift parts

For FD30 diesel engine

drum assy brake shoe assy


Mitsubishi forklift parts brake drum assy brake shoe assy

for CAT Mitsubishi Forklift FD30

Place of Origin: China

What’s the forklift charging pump?  What does it do?

The charging pump is a part of a forklift automatic transmission, the charging pump of the transmission mainly provides oil to the torque converter and the hydraulic clutch, and plays the role of lubrication inside the transmission, and the oil supply pump plays an irreplaceable role in the quality of transmission operation.

About Mitsubishi forklift

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (Mitsubishi forklift) and Mitsubishi caterpillar forklift (America, Europe, Asia) are one of the most important forklift manufacturers in the world. They have decades of forklift manufacturing experience and sales service systems all over the world. Which have led the logistics standard for decades with the production of more than 50,000 units per year. And the outstanding technology of the industry.

Mitsubishi forklift factory
Other Mitsubishi forklift parts charging pump
mitsubishi s4s charging pump

Mitsubishi S4S forklift charging pump 

for CAT Mitsubishi Forklift F18C F14E FD20-30NT

Part number: 91A24-10030 91524-15300

Additional information

Part name

Forklift charging pump


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