Owgels oxygen concentrator 5L 10L medical grade AGENCY PRICE

Oxygen concentrator

5L and 10L

CE and FDA certification


5 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator


oxygen concentrator

Flow rate and function of 5L oxygen concentrator, volume only 3L oxygen concentrator size


Four universal wheels for easy movement
Stable oxygen production
Applying with CECA molecular sieve
High Concentration
93% ± 3% high concentration
Separate nebulization interface,
nebulization and oxygen concentration can be used at the same time

5 Liter Owgels Oxygen Concentrator 


Product details

Product specifications

oxygen concentrator details
Owgels Group

About Owgels Group

Owgels group is a professional brand in breathing oxygen generation with German technology, specializing in researching, producing and selling oxygenators, nebulizers, ventilators and other breathing medical instruments.


Owgels in China

February 2014: awarded “Top Ten Leading Brands in China Oxygenator Industry”
July 2014: awarded “AAA+level China Quality Credit Enterprise”
July 2014: awarded “the Most Influential Brand in Nationwide Health Industry”
November 2014: “Owgels” was awarded “International Famous Brand in Household Oxygenator Industry”
September 2015: “Owgels” was awarded “3.15 key recommended brands”
September 2015: “Owgels” series products were awarded “China Hi-tech Products”
Dezember 2018: Owgels “new oxygen generator”, “ultrasonic atomizer”, “laser therapy device” and “intestinal hydrotherapy device” passed the certification of high-tech products in Guangdong Province


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