Quanchai QC490 engine parts forklift parts piston cylinder kit

Engine model Quanchai QC490G


one set includes pistons, piston rings, liners, pins, O rings, Snap rings

Six different types of parts in one set.

QUANTITY: one set for 4 cylinders


Quanchai QC490 diesel engine parts for forklift

Kit’s Part number : 2409009000003

Cylinder liner’s Part number : 2402000100200

piston ring’s part number: 2409000430000-C

Place of Origin: China  Brand: Quanchai genuine

quanchai qc490 engine parts piston

sizes of piston

quanchai packing

original quanchai packing

quanchai diesel engine company

Anhui Quanchai diesel engine Co., Ltd was established in 1949, is one of the famous Chinese engine manufacturers, their main business are for truck diesel engine, forklift diesel engine, engineering machine diesel engine, diesel generator, and agricultural machinery engine and so on.

Up to now, QUANCHAI is ONE of the largest manufacturers of diesel forklifts in the Chinese market.

As their distributor we supply the following models of engines

Quanchai diesel engines for forklifts:

4B4-50V32, 4C2-50V32, 4C3-50V33, 4C4-50V31, 4C5-75U31,4C5-82U32, 4C6-85U32, QC490GP, QC495, QC498G

quanchai forklift engine parts

Quanchai diesel engines for engineering machines:

N485QB, N485QA, QC480, QC495G, QC498G, 3B2-32V31, 3B2-35V31, 4B2-45V32, 4B5-50V31, 4B5-50V32, 4B2-65U32, 4B5-70U32, 4C5-75U32, 4C5-82U31, 4C6-95U32, 4C6-100U32, 4D2-120U32, 4D3-130U32

quanchai 490 engine parts

Quanchai Diesel engines for Tractors:

QC490T40, QC495T45, QC498T50, 3B2-25V31, 3B2-30V31, 3B2-32V31, 4B4-30V31, 4B4-35V31, 4B4-35V33, 4B2-40V32, 4B2-45V32, 4B5-50V32, 4C2-35V32, 4C2-40V31, 4C2-40V32, 4C3-45V31, 4C3-45V32, 4C3-48V32, 4C3-50V31, 4C3-50V32, 4C4-48V32, 4C4-50V32, 4C4-50V33, 4B2-55U32, 4B2-60U32, 4B5-60U32, 4B5-70U32, 4C5-55U32, 4C5-55U31, 4C5-60U31, 4C5-60U32, 4C5-65U31, 4C5-65U32, 4C5-70U31, 4C5-70U32, 4C6-75U32, 4C6-80U32, 4C6-90U32

Quanchai diesel engines for harvesters:

QC490L, QC4102L, QC4105L, QC4108L, 4B2-61U31, 4B2-65U31, 4B2-65U32, 4C6-70U31, 4C5-75U32, 4C6-75U31, 4C6-75U32, 4C6-88U31, 4C6-88U32, 4C6-95U31, 4C6-95U32, 4C6-100U31, 4C6-100U32, 4G1-100U31, 4G1-100U32, 4G1-110U31, 4G1-110U32, 4G1-120U31, 4G1-125U31, 4D2-110U32, 4D2-120U32, 4D 2-125U31, 4D2-125U32, 4D2-130U32, 4D3-120U32,4D3-125U32, 4D3-130U32, 4D3-140U31, 4D3-140U32

Quanchai diesel engines for diesel generators:

QC380D, QC385D, QC480D, N485D, QC490D, QC498D, 4102D, 4105D

Quanchai diesel engines for diesel trucks:

4A2-88C53, 4A2-68C50, 4A2-82C50, 4A2-88C50, 4A2-88C55

4B2-95C50, 4B2-110C50, 4B2-115C50, 4B2-110C55

4F1-135C50, 4F1-140C50, 4F1-150C50


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