Toyota forklift clutch disc for 7FD10-35 7FG10-35 31280-23601-71

Forklift parts Clutch disc

Part number : 31270-23361-71 31280-23601-71 31280-23361-71



Toyota forklift clutch disc for 7FD10-35 7FG10-35
A490BPG piston size

Part number: 31270-23361-71 31280-23601-71 31280-23361-71

Applicable: Toyota 7FD10-35 7FG10-35

Place of Origin: China

Size: diameter 275MM 21Teeth

Delivery time: for 1 to 3 days

Xinchai A490BPG piston cylinder kit packing
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Solid materials to manufacture high-quality clutch systems

  • The clutch materials should be compact, devoid of blowholes and/or inclusions, crack-free, and uniform in hardness and texture. To achieve this, cover castings are manufactured with the most sophisticated press equipment available.
  • Strict analysis and inspection of manufactured transmission kits.
  • Pressure plates, diaphragm springs, straps, and all other components are strictly analyzed and verified in terms of chemical composition, tensile strength, hardness, and microstructure. Therefore, all components are subjected to rigorous inspection and measurement checks before entering the production areas.
  • Diaphragm springs are produced using automatic heat treatment equipment made in Japan and are computer tested on OE load specifications before assembly. Testing includes clamp load, release load, pressure plate lift, finger height, stress, and fatigue testing using the latest sophisticated test and inspection facilities.
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