Weifang diesel engine ZHBZG piston cylinder kit

Weifang Huafeng/Huangdong diesel engine parts


one set includes pistons,piston rings, liners, pins, O rings, Snap rings

Six different types of parts in one set.

QUANTITY: one set for 4 cylinders


Weifang diesel engines main models include 490, 495, 4100, R4105, 6105, 6113, hd6126 (Steyr) series, hd6200 series eddy current, direct injection medium and high-speed diesel engines, gas engines, generator sets, the power range of 20-1000KW, speed of 750-2600r / min, with low fuel consumption, strong reliability, high torque, good operability, easy maintenance and other features.

This product is suitable for generating sets, construction machinery, fixed operation power, agricultural machinery and other power matching, and provides ideal power for marine machinery.


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