91E61-00300 S4S forklift Air intake hose for Mitsubishi Forklift

Caterpillar Mitsubishi forklift parts

Forklift Air intake hose


91E61-00300 Air intake hose

Caterpillar Mitsubishi forklift Air intake hose

for S4S diesel engine

Part number: 91E61-00300

About Mitsubishi forklift

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (Mitsubishi forklift) and Mitsubishi caterpillar forklift (America, Europe, Asia) are one of the most important forklift manufacturers in the world. They have decades of forklift manufacturing experience and sales service systems all over the world. Which have led the logistics standard for decades with the production of more than 50,000 units per year. And the outstanding technology of the industry.

Mitsubishi forklift factory
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Part number:16A36-23080 16A36-10080


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