About Xinchai

Zhejiang Xinchai diesel engine company is one of the famous Chinese engine manufacturers, their main business is for forklift diesel engine, then are wheel loader diesel engine, tractor engine, diesel generator diesel engine, excavator diesel engine and truck diesel engine and so on.

Up to now, xinchai is the largest supplier of diesel forklift trucks, and has the largest quantity in Chinese market.

Xinchai 4D27G31 diesel engine

Xinchai 4D27G31 is an engine meeting Euro 3 emission standards, Maximum output power: 36.8kw maximum horsepower: 50hp, cylinder diameter 90mm, the original model was based on 490BPG.

Xinchai 4D27G31

4D27G31 Diesel engine nameplate

What is the difference between these two engines? The biggest difference is the fuel system, 4D27G31 diesel engine uses an electronic control unit (ECU) to control fuel supply. The fuel injection of the engine is more accurate, and more sufficient combustion, to make the emission meet the standard. For achieving the ultimate goal, the following new parts will be replaced to the 4D27G31 diesel engine.

C490BPG-04001 piston
4D27G31-21100A Fuel injection pump
4D27G31-21100 Fuel injection pump
4D27G31-02015A axle sleeve, injection pump
4D27G40-02015 axle sleeve, injection pump
4D27G31-23000 fuel pipe assy, injection pump
4D27G31-24100 fuel filter assy
4D27XG40-24100 Fuel filter assy
4D27G31-24100-1 Fuel filter assy
4D27G31-24120 Fuel filter
4D27G31-24120 -1 Fuel filter
4D27G31-25100 return pipe, injector


4D27G31-22000 Injector
4D27G31-22000-1 Injector
4D27T31-25300 fuel pipe, fuel pump to fuel filter
4D27G31-25200 fuel pipe, fuel filter to injection pump
4D27G31-55001 Glow plug 12V
4D27G31-55001-1 Glow plug 24V
4D27G31-27100 fuel pump 12V
4D27G31-27100A fuel pump 12V
4D27G31-27100-1 fuel pump 24V
4D27G31-28200-2 Wire harness
4D27G31-28200-1A Wire harness
4D27G31-28200-2A Wire harness
4D27G31-28201 support,Wire harness
4D27G31-28202 support,Wire harness
4D27G31-28204 support,Wire harness
4D27G31-28203 support,Wire harness
4D27G31-28100-1 ECU
4D27G31-28100 ECU
490B-52000-51 Alternator JFWZ17P-1W1
490B-52000-18 Alternator JFWZ17P-1
4D27T30-52000-8 Alternator JFWZ17P-1C
4D27T30-52000-18 Alternator JFWZ17P-1B
4D27G31-53001-1 support, alternator
4D27G31-53002 support, alternator
4D27G31-51000 Starter QDJ1321XC1
4D27G31-21110-1 Oil return pipe
4D27G31-21110-2 Oil return pipe
490B-41100-39 Fan F400W-28-52-7
4D27G31-43009 Water Temperature Sensor
4K41ZT31-37040 Water Temperature Sensor
A4K41ZLT-43009 Water Temperature Sensor
4D32-43101 Thermostat housing
4D35ZT31-43101 Thermostat housing
490BPG-82007-6 Timing gear, hydraulic pump
4D27G31-82007 Timing gear, hydraulic pump
4D27ZG31-02003 Gear, injection pump
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